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I’ve just cried laughing at the comments on a Jamie Oliver recipe, there was a typo on the website and everyone put 13 lemons into a pasta sauce and didn’t even question it. Imagine eating 13 lemons, the recipe was for 4 people, imagine having that much trust in Jamie Oliver.

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Never mind.[x]


UK Black Pride was amazing!

This year it was held on the same day as London LGBT pride.  Bi’s of Colour shared a stall with PACE, who were very generous.  Black Pride was held in Golden Square, in central London.  At first I thought the space was too small but in fact it was an intimate, wonderful location.  It was the first LGBT event I’ve been to in years when I didn’t experience a single bit of biphobia or racism.  Unfortunately, this is such a rarity on the LGBT scene. 

Bi’s of Colour were joined by many Queer and Trans people of colour, grass-roots activists, including a queer, trans boi band group!  It was a wonderful day, with great weather, brilliant music and a relaxed atmosphere.  Three cheers for UK Black Pride!

More pics of Black Pride can be seen on Jacqui’s site


see more : https://www.behance.net/gallery/20545361/architectural-watercolors-vol-5?share=1


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I’m not one for Halloween decorations, but my mom did the best ones this year.

peaceful times before the skeleton war


novice buddhist monks photographed by (1-7) rajesh kumar singh near patna, india; roberto schmidt in thimphu, bhutan; damir sagolj in yangoon, myanmar; brian sokol in nepal; bonnie stewart in mandalay, myanmar; and paula bronstein in thimphu, bhutan 


So I got this lovely email from Javier who told me his two daughters had seen my city drawing and loved it. And that he was helping them create something similar on their library room wall! He very kindly gave me his permission to share a photo with you guys. Looks ace :-) 

(original drawing posts here and here)





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